Being Stockholm

Being Stockholm is a digital public engagement project to map geotagged photos and illustrate how the Stockholm region is used, what is currently happening in the city and how is it developing.

The objective is to inspire residents to try out new activities and explore new parts of the city; promote the city's growth areas, document how it's changing and used by residents; and work with corporations to create a softer landing for newly relocated international professionals.

We are at an early stage in developing this project and would love to work in particular with public authorities in urban development and economic growth, major employers with international employees and curious Stockholmers who wish to inspire fellow residents or be inspired!

Be an early tester of our concept!
Share some of your favourite photos of how you work and play in Stockholm!
(Geotagged photos only)

Get involved in the project!
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- A strategic partner to promote the city region, and economic growth,
- A major employer recruiting international professionals
- An international professional who has relocated to Sweden
- A Stockholmer to test the new platform